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Book Review- Last Assault on Oak Island by Jenn Rekka










Last Assault on Oak Island, by Jenn Rekka, first drew my attention when I was browsing for a new historical fiction novel to read. The story follows a museum curator and his assistant as they investigate new evidence surrounding the Money Pit of Oak Island (a real place up by Nova Scotia). It’s the 200th anniversary of the Pit’s creation, and the small island is swamped with tourists and treasure hunters.


Two main ‘expeditions’, headed by treasure hunters Lucy Yearbright and Saul Clemens, drill non-stop, tearing up the island as they seek the mysterious treasure. Carlos and Lauren- the curator and his assistant- go in undercover with the  pretence of visiting friends. They keep their heads down, working their evidence in secrecy. Despite attempts to remain hidden, the pair still manage to attract trouble. Even with the danger and distractions, the little group manages to achieve the impossible.


This book called to the historian and archaeologist in me. It was brilliant! Well-written and well-researched, which can be hard when weaving historical fiction. I loved the truth of the treasure which was masterfully woven.


I prefer to look at story and structure rather than mechanics, and that is how I rate things. For those more picky in regards to mechanics, there is a sprinkling of spelling errors. The story renders them invisible. I could not put it down! I read well after my bed-time, that’s how drawn into the story I was, and that is a rare occurrence these days.


Rekka’s Last Assault on Oak Island is perfect for fans of Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child, or David Gibbins. Intrigue, danger, pirates, treasure, and a legacy of the Revolutionary War! This book has it all.

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