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Book Review: Kalico Jack by Mike Nahorniak


This book was reviewed via Netgalley


There are great lessons here about how being different is okay. Kalico Jack is a bunny of a different coat. Literally, as it happens. Jack is a jackrabbit with a calico-coloured pelt and mismatched eyes. Since all the bunnies at home make fun of Jack, he decides to take a walkabout and heads west.


Along the way Jack meets many new friends, from Los Lobos, a wolf pack, to a herd of cows, to Bigfoot! All of the critters Jack meets accept him for who he is. As he travels, he begins to change. Jack was never a jackrabbit at all, but a Jackalope!


He tries to figure out what to do with his newfound gifts, and settles on being a superhero. This doesn’t work out quite the way Jack planned until he learns of the Chupavacas, who threatens his cow friends. He sets off to save the herd.


The artwork for this book was lovely! My cubs and I really enjoyed it, and it’s become a favourite with some of the boys. The lesson that difference isn’t something to be ashamed of really hit home with several of us, myself included. I found the colloquial language charming. They found it amusing, though if such things are not your cup of tea, you may not find this story as enjoyable.


???Recommended for young readers, and as a great bedtime story for parents to read to their kids.

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