Book Review- Intuition Cain Kill by Suzi Rayve


Intuition Cain Kill, by Suzi Rayve, is a nifty, quick read about a wise-cracking psychic who just wants to cash a check. A visit to the bank turns into more than Heidi Cain bargains for. She meets an old ‘friend’, saves a life, and ends up on a rather unexpected adventure.

It was a fairly quick read, given my usual fare. I adored the banter between the characters. It reminded me a lot of the show Psych. Heidi’s quite the funny gal. This book had a great storyline and wonderful description. (I loved the description of Rick, when we first meet him!)

There are a few bits of the mechanics that can be worked on. The dialogue often felt clunky in slotting in with the action around it. It made the writing feel stilted at times.

A good once over by an editor wouldn’t be amiss. Commas seem to be the biggest issue, being omitted when they should be there. The formatting needs a bit of tweaking as well, with new chapters beginning on their own separate page, instead of tailing the preceding chapter. EBook formatting can be such a pain…

Ms. Rayve is a good writer, and I look forward to seeing her crafting grow!



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