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Book Review: In the Company of Strangers by KE Mullins

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In the Company of Strangers by KE Mullins is the second of her Team Ice series.


This story jumps perspectives often. Most are delineated with a line of asterisks separating the sections. Other times the change occurs after a dialogue exchange, and it is done so smoothly you barely even notice. We follow Elle/Gabrielle, and a crew of criminals whose story is balanced out by Anita and Chloe. Our tale begins with explosions, and a crime standoff, only…the criminals manage to vanish from a surrounded house. A blocked-in tunnel is found, undoubtedly the escape hatch. Only question is…how’d they leave through it if it was blocked up. Or a better question- how’d they block it up after going through. Much of the book focuses on Anita/Chloe/Gabrielle/Elle, and how they are going about their days following the explosion. Anita is trying to track down leads, Gabrielle/Elle are trying to keep from capture and regroup.


There are political and sociological undertones that make me think of Brett Easton Ellis’ works, and I found the tone and style to also be reminiscent of Ellis. While I enjoyed the unusual pace and thread of the story, and its many action-packed moments, there are many grammar and spelling errors scattered throughout. The story would benefit from another thorough proofing.


??? recommended if you like the works of Brett Easton Ellis, or enjoy action-packed mysteries.

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