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Book Review: I Wish My Teacher Knew…. by Kyle Schwartz

**This book was reviewed for Perseus, De Capo Press via Netgalley.


Schwartz’ poignant book is a testimony to the impact and power a teacher has. Rather than going through the mere drudgery of teaching, day in, day out, Schwartz went out of her way to really get to know her students. Teachers really play the role of psychologist and sociologist, in addition to their ‘job’ of passing along information.


Kids of all ages have myriad problems most people either don’t know, or don’t care about, but those problems, and lack of a positive outlet of release, can lead to all manner of behavioural issues. Children look up to teachers as mentors, and all it takes is one to pay attention, and genuinely care to make a difference. Throughout this book, Kyle illustrates this again, and again, with many different issues. Specific examples of students’ “I wish my teacher knew…” are given, but if you are expecting the whole book to be that, you are destined for disappointment. There are anecdotal stories I found more fascinating than the kids’ submissions, mainly because of the difficulty I had reading the photocopies of the  on the Kindle.

???? Should be required reading for all teachers.

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  1. This sounds like a powerful read. Some of my best friends are teachers. I think this sounds like a gift they would enjoy. Thanks for sharing. #getsocial17 (sorry, a little late finishing getting around to everyone)

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