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Book Review: Human Again by Moran Chaim


This book was reviewed for the San Francisco Book Review

Chaim’s Human Again is a purebred thrill-ride from start to finish. We follow Roy, a young Israeli soldier who was put into cryosleep after he was wounded in action Flashforward 300 years and Roy is brought back, woken to a world where the land is damaged, and temperatures are routinely above 100°. It is the doctors of New Knaan that now have Roy,’s cryo cannister. Believing they were resurrecting an older person, the doctors were surprised to discover they had found the ‘young soldier’s’ cannister.


Roy causes problems from second one. He wakes in a strange place, with very odd people who refuse to give answers, and quite reasonably becomes frustrated and aggressive. After he calms enough to begin processing this unbelievable yarn about being woken 300 years in the future, curiosity and the determination to find his parents set him on a dangerous course.


In an attempt to rein Roy in, the President of New Knaan ‘promotes’ him to Gun Technician Assistant,meaning he helps care for the laser guns protecting the city. His new home is a glum place, buried underground, with bugs as a main food staple. This city has fooled itself into a false sense of security. Half their population or more dwells in a virtual reality 50-100% of the time, and have done so for years. These people are far from ideal fighters and they’ve become a target of the Purists, a group determined to destroy all technology. When push comes to shove, Roy is asked to become the soldier once more.


I loved the quote at the beginning-


    “Time imprisons us, but civilisation enslaves us.” ~TR Perry


That gave me pause to think. There’s so much truth in that statement. It’s easy to see what shaped the Purists’ beliefs, even if one doesn’t share them. It’s also easy to see what drives so many citizens of New Knaan to enter the simulation permanently.


This book was fast-paced from start to finish. There are a few grammar errors, but things easy to overlook. Chaim’s writing lacks a certain strength that only comes from maturity in one’s craft. Human Again is the first in a proposed series. I’m looking forward to the next book, and to seeing Chaim continue to grow as a writer.


???? recommended if you like Wayward Pines, Caprica, Matrix

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