Book Review: Hidden Universes- Vulcan by Dayton Ward

This book was reviewed via Netgalley

Planning an interstellar vacation? Ward’s nifty Vulcan travel guide will give the lowdown on Spock’s homeworld, to help you have the most fulfilling experience possible. It is only logical.

Written as a modern travel guide, this little book is packed full of fun facts and knowledge of Vulcan. At times, Ward employs a wry sense of humour with certain asides. When discussing terms spoken in Vulcan only that one may come across, he advises the traveller to not try fal-tor-pan at home. This is the reintegration of a Vulcan’s katra, or spirit, with their living body.

Vulcans tend to be portrayed as emotionless and logical, but that notion rings somewhat false when you start learn there are plenty of gaming and multicultural establishments around the planet. You can take a coastside lounge along Lake Yuron, and stay in an underwater hotel, visit the exotic lava fields known as the Fire Plains, trek through the Forge, or visit the solemn sanctuaries at Mount Seleya, among other things. You can even find a Quark’s.

I loved this! I would so be going on a trip to Vulcan. The artwork was amazing as well. Each section has a prologue from a famous Vulcan, from Spock to Tuvok, sharing personal stories of the region. This little gem will appeal to any Trek lover.

????? Highly recommended

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