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Book Review: Henry and the Hidden Treasure by BCR Fegan

***This book was reviewed for Port Jericho

Illustrated by Lenny Web, BCR Fegan’s Henry and the Hidden Treasure is a charming and quirky tale about a young boy named Henry. Henry has treasure he wants to keep safe from his little ninja sister. Instead of putting his treasure in a bank, Henry devises an elaborate plan to keep it safe involving a cave, a labyrinth, traps, monsters, soldiers, superheroes, and dragons, with Henry himself waiting at the end, should anyone make it past everything else to steal his treasure. But what if stealing treasure isn’t the reason to get to Henry?

This is a great learning tale for young readers about the power of imagination (treasure cave), sibling rivalry/bonding (Lucy), and the value of keeping ‘treasure’ safe in banks (lesson in saving money proper so it is less likely to be spent it gets stolen). So many lessons tucked into this book, accessible in a simple, yet poignantly powerful way. As with the other children’s books I’ve reviewed, this one was read with my cubs, all of whom enjoyed it.

????? Highly recommended

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