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Book Review: Haunted Britain by JG Montgomery

***This book was reviewed for Schiffer Publishing via Edelweiss

Montgomery’s Haunted Britain is a tour of the whole of the UK, looking into hauntings in a variety of places, from inns, to castles, to taverns, and more. Great Britain, comprising England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and several small islands, is rich with ancient history. In addition to in-depth research, Montgomery visits as many of these sites as possible, in hopes of a ghostly encounter of his own, and relates his experiences of the places he is able visit.

Montgomery takes the time, throughout the book, to look at various explanations as to how ghosts are formed, what they are, and how dangerous they might actually be. Poltergeist phenomena, possible possession, and other Otherworldly encounters, such as Gef, the talking mongoose, are discussed in terms of how they stack up with ghost theories. One of my favourite theories, that may explain at least some ghostly encounters, is time-looping. We think of time as linear because we are linear beings, but it isn’t and the theory is that on occasion what we see is actually a breach or brief blurring of the barrier between ‘now’ and ‘then’.

Rather ironically, as I’ve been reading through this book, I happened to be watching the show Ghost Adventures, only paying half attention to the show, and what should catch my attention? An episode on the Edinburgh Vaults that spoke of Greyfriars, and the ghost of Mackenzie.

Aaron Goodwin, Ghost Adventures, Edinburgh Vaults

I did find some of the writing a bit stilted, and repetitive in phrasing. The segues between topics didn’t flow smoothly. Indeed, much of the time it seemed a bit abrupt. There was  a confusing tendency to switch between present and past tense, sometimes even within the same paragraph. Also… overuse of the word ‘reputedly’. Itgets used throughout the book a lot! Like the word ‘allegedly’, ‘reputedly’ sets my teeth on edge. To me, it feels like a mocking of the events in question, be it a ghost encounter or victimisation of crime. It feels like we are saying ‘this didn’t really happen and you know it.

??? Recommended if you enjoy the paranormal or ghosthunting.

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  1. Pity the writing didn’t live up to your expectations! I hate it when books switch around tenses…like that’s a huge cardinal writing rule to break! But omg I do love ghosts too. ??

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