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Book Review- Get Lost (Never Say Neverland 1) by Xavier Neal


Neal’s Get Lost is the beginning of a new take on the story of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Here, Peter is not the carefree boy you may remember from the eponymous tale penned by JM Barrie. No, here Peter is a sullen teenager, bitter over things he’s lost. He forces each newly minted Lost Boy to give up that which they love most simply because that was the price he had to pay. Tinkerbell, here know as Belle, enforces the geis and is the only one who can lift the immediate punishment if it is broken.


This story focuses not on Peter, but on Peyton, a descendant of the Darling line. Peyton is sucked into the drama of the Lost Boys, and their conflict with a group known as the ‘Dark Watchers’. She is a brilliant artist, and had knowledge galore regarding different paintings. It is her knowledge and proximity to a certain painting known as Sous Clef that makes her valuable to them.


The other main character is Justin, one of the Lost Boys, and a con artist extraordinaire. He first gets involved with Peyton only as a means to an end, but things quickly turn to something more.


What ensues is an elaborate con to whisk said painting away, only Peyton turns the tables on her would-be partners. The action stays pretty fast, and left me wanting to know what happens next.


I did have a few concerns. The book could use another editing go-over. There were several grammar and spelling errors. The use of 1st person present over 1st person past was a bit disconcerting. Also, the over-use of an odd/ uncommon dialogue tag (hums), rang a bit false. Once or twice it would have been a nifty change, but I can’t say I hear people him things all that often. Don’t get me wrong; I really enjoyed the story and pacing. I am interested to see how the story progresses!


If you enjoy the show Leverage, or its attendant books, and you love the paranormal or fantastical, you are sure to enjoy Get Lost by Xavier Neal.

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