Book Review- Fosgate’s Game by David C Cassidy


Chess- the royal game, where a sly tactician can hone their skills. It is a game of wits, requiring a quick, clever mind to master. And in Fosgate’s Game, by David Cassidy, chess has truly become ‘the most dangerous game’, as lives are put on the line.


The story is told from the perspective of Chadwick, a companion of sorts to a maladjusted man name of Fosgate. Fosgate has acquired a most rare artifact, a chess set dated to the time of thrpe Tepes rulers of Wallachia. No ordinary chess set is this (where’re the Warehouse 13 agents when you need them?). In fact, it might rightly be considered Lucifer’s chess set.


One night, as a storm rages outside, Fosgate challenges his companion to a game. There’s only one catch. Each player must put an identifying item connected to a specific person inside two receptacles, one for each player. Still benign, yes? Not so much, for this is an otherworldly chess set. Whomever comes out victor will visit death upon the person tied to their receptacle.


Over several months, Fosgate forces his companion to play many more games of devilish chess. But Chadwick is a true strategist, able to think many moves ahead, and he lays a cunning trap for his opponent. Springing the trap brings both players, and readers, face to face with fear itself.


Fosgate’s Game was my first introduction to Cassidy’s work, and I devoured it in a few short hours. If you are a Lovecraft or King fan, you’re certain to enjoy this book!

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