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Book Review: Finding My Badass Self by Sherry Stanfa-Stanley

***Reviewed for the San Francisco Book Review

In Finding My Badass Self Stanfa-Stanley takes us along with her as she spends a year, 52 weeks, doing a new, boundary-pushing task each week. Some tasks overlap, such as taking several belly dance lessons, and some are single shot, like spending the day on a ride-along.

Stanfa-Stanley has a cheeky writing style, and is happy to turn that sarcasm on herself, all the while, gently admonishing the reader to come out of their own shells. This calls to mInd Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, where people are encouraged to try new things to stoke their creativity.

Now, for me, some of her choices are not new; others are just not acceptable on any level, not because I fear the newness, but because I am indifferent and find it an unnecessary experience for me. Like getting waxed… Nope. I enjoyed seeing the tasks she chose, and why. How we choose to expand our boundaries says a great deal about our personalities.


{Call the Ohio Forestry Service! We have a major bush fire down in the valley.} I spit my tea when I read that line!


These are just a few of the adventures she had:

‘Out on the Streets’ was one of my favourite segments. You never really know the truth of a person’s circumstances. You could make the difference for a person on the streets. Even a few dollars helps. A listening ear does wonders. It says: ‘I see you. You are a person. I care.’

‘Riding Shotgun’ was pretty scary. I’ve done ride-alongs with crime scene crews, but never police officers. I think the stress of a drug raid would be too much for me, especially

‘Unplugged and Amish’ garnered an ‘oh hell no’. I am way too attached to my tech. I can, however, retreat to seclusion and avoid social media and socialisation of any any

‘Tiptoe through the Tulips with Me’ was amusing. This is something my brother and I used to do and my SO do now in occasion. Jonas loves scary movies. So, I think I would have to do the opposite and spend a night watching comedies, something I’m not overly fond of.

I’ve been inspired to try this experiment myself. It will certainly be a learning experience, and hopefully a growing one as well. Now I just need to put my list together. I know a few- riding in a hot air balloon, hang-gliding, glass-blowing, actually completing NaNoWriMo, writing scenes or in genres that I am unfamiliar or uncomfortable with, just to name a few.

????? Highly recommended for the memoir lovers out there, and for any seeking to learn how to push their own boundaries.

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