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Book Review: Fierce Fighters: Predators by Paul Beck & Lee Martin

***This book was reviewed for Quarto Publishing via Netgalley

Deadliest warriors of the animal kingdom square off in the ultimate battles. There are 45 ‘matches’, giving the stats for two comparable critters, like speed and intelligence. You will also learn the beastie’s Latin name, habitat, size, defining features, hunting methods, and preferred prey.

Interspersed are seven different sections giving a brief on various habitats and their denizens, such as deep-water, forest, or savannah. These intervals did not serve as introductions to new ‘matches’, which I and several of my cubs found odd. The pictures in this book are stunning!

We all, cubs and adults alike, spent time over each ‘match’, discussing the stats and info given, and debating who the winner would be. We tallied a consensus, and measured it against the answers given later, regarding who the most likely winner would be. We got 38 of 45 correct. Most of our choices came down to intelligence being the biggest factor. Cunning is better than brawn among this knowledge loving nest!

Jonas pointed out that it’s not the size of the scorpion that indicates venom potency, but the size of the scorpion’s claws. Smaller claws equals stronger venom. So watch out for the needle-clawed scorps! Scorpions interest my love, as he suffered lasting neuro damage thanks to a childhood sting, on his throat no less O_O

It would have been nice to see a little more information about each animal. Besides the stats, there was only a little two or three sentence blurb with each critter.


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