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Book Review- Felicity: A Sparrow’s Tale

Felicity is a young sparrow who loves to read! Of course, who doesn’t? She can always be found with her beak in a book, reliving daring adventures from the safety of her tree. Felicity has never before left her tree to visit the woods across the two-legs’ road. She probably never would have, but for a tiny,mysterious being who approached her one fine day as she was reading.


Now, this visitor was no ordinary visitor. He was a two-legs, but all wrong. For one, he was barely big as Felicity herself. He had pointed ears and gossamer wings. Colin was one of the faery folk, come seeking counsel with Augustus, the woodpecker who had raised the orphaned Felicity. Colin’s ma had been kidnapped by Grak, a fierce sorcerer, and his people need Augustus’ unique help. Since Felicity learned the same skills from Augustus, she offers to help Colin, despite her fear. No more to read about the adventures of others, now this young sparrow is about to have an adventure of her own.


This was an enjoyable little story, perfect for family sharing. I read it with my cubs, and they all enjoyed it. I loved the artwork. Felicity is so cute! Talyss, Auly, and Maria agree 🙂 The dialogue is akin to how younger readers might talk, and I wondered how old Felicity and Colin are. Less tell and more tell would have been nice, especially with Felicity. Replacing some instances of ‘um’ in her speech and showing more of Felicity’s uncertainty who flow a bit better.


???? Recommended for those who enjoy Richard Adams’ Watership Down, Brian Jacques’ Redwall series, Kathryn Lasky’s Guardian’s of Ga’hool series, or the movie Epic.

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