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Book Review- Evelina: Love You to Death by Tim Pearsall

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I know, I know! This review is a little on the short side compared to many of my others. Please forgive. I’ve been quite sick and fuzzy in the head. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed this read.


I found this to be quite the interesting read. Evelina is a being created, crafted. She is a mutation, needing life energy to survive. She’s also a little better, and quite psychotic.


I would not call Evelina a vampire, especially with today’s tropes of the super sexy vamps described so people swoon over them. Oh no. If anything, Evelina as vampire harkens back to the truer myths and legends of such fearsome creatures. However, how she behaves reminds me more of succubus lore.


I found Evelina to be unique. A person with a fascinating past that we get glimpses of. Despite her anti-hero/heroine tendency, I found that I really cared about her, and what happened to her. I’ve added the sequel novels to my reading queue!

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