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Book Review: Echoes of Sherlock Holmes, edited by Laurie R King

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Echoes of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of short stories inspired by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most enduring character, written by a variety of authors. Some stories are set in modern times, others in Holmes’ own time. Some feature versions of Holmes and Watson themselves, others are faint echoes, but echoes nonetheless. Some stories focus more on versions of other characters, or their own faint echoes. No matter how faint the echo, there’s no mistaking the inspiration underneath.


I love Sherlock in just about any incarnation, from Doyle’s original stories, to the most recent BBC adaptation, so I was quite excited to add this to my prodigious collection of Sherlock books. I enjoyed all of the stories within. Some of my favourites include:


‘Holmes on the Range’ by John Connolly- the concept of belief bringing characters to true life, oh I love it! The Caxton Lending Library and Book Depository reminds me of Warehouse 13, but with only books and the living magic they’ve wrought. I’d love to be the caretaker there and get to interact with literary greats like Sherlock and Watson!


‘Before a Bohemian Scandal’ by Tasha Alexander- this is a little story behind why Irene Adler had a compromising photo of the King of Bohemia, and a chance to show she’s more than a match for Sherlock. She spent some time with the then Prince of Bohemia, and managed to solve a troubling problem for him. I felt kinda sad at the end though.


‘The Spiritualist’ by David Morrell- a story that brings Doyle’s beliefs in the supernatural face to face with the cold logic of Sherlock, quite literally!


‘The Adventure of the Empty Grave’ by Jonathan Maberry- probably my most favourite of them all, this take centres around Watson, after Sherlock’s ‘death’ at the Falls. He’s visiting Sherlock’s grave when he is met by Auguste Dupin, of EA Poe fame. Dupin engages Watson in a most Sherlock fashion, before leaving him with a final mystery to solve.


????? Highly recommended! Perfect for any fan of Sherlock Holmes.

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