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Book Review: Creature Files: Predators by LJ Tracosas

***This book was reviewed for Quarto Publishing via Netgalley

Creature Files: Predators is a young reader’s introduction to some of the most ferocious animals our planet has to offer. Filled with stunning photography, twenty different beasties are examined. The first few pages discuss claws, and the many ways they can be used. Each of the animal ‘snapshots’ gives the Latin name, distribution/range, and stats, as well as a handful of interesting facts. For instance…

  • It is the honey badger rather than the wolverine or Tasmanian devil that is considered the most fearless predator in the world.
  • Great horned owls have a serrated claw.
  • Honey badgers are related to weasels and use an odor defense like a skunk.
  • Devils are marsupials.

The last few pages look at how some non-predatory animals use their claws, such as the long, strong claws of the sloth that keep it aloft.

My cubs and I really enjoyed reading this book. We even discovered an animal unknown to us- the fossa. And the pictures! Absolutely stunning. I loved the snow leopard at the beginning, and that snow leopards were included at all. They hold a special place in my heart. The horned owl brought squeals of delight. We have them living around us and often hear their soft calls. Our collective favourite photo, hands down, is the salmon jumping into the grizzly’s mouth.

???? Recommended for any kid in your family who love animals.

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