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Book Review: Catology by Adrian Searle and Oliver Ninnis


This book was reviewed via Netgalley


Catology, by Adrian Searle and Oliver Ninnis, is a cute little book of one-shot comics illustrating what goes on inside the minds of our furry little overlords. Most are incredibly believable interpretations of feline behaviour. One moment sweet and cuddly, the next all flailing claws and teeth, cats are certainly among our most fickle pets. Cats are more ‘recent’ domesticates, and still retain most of their wilder behaviour, never mind that, with exceptions of species like lions, most cats do not live in large groups. Unlike dogs, with their pack mentality, cats are fiercely independent, fickle little things. They are royalty and they know it. I enjoyed all of this quick read. Three of my favourites were a comic of a cat in a tree, with the caption ‘I’m not stuck. I’m only here so I can look down on you in contempt’, a cat on a table who is about to knock over a wineglass, with the caption ‘We all know how this is going to play out and it is most definitely your fault, not mine’, and a cat hiding behind a couch staring at a vacuum cleaner, with the caption ‘Indeed the Devil himself walks the earth and his name is Dyson’.
???? Recommended for anyone who loves cats!

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