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Book Review: Catakism by Jeff Lazarus

As the frontpage says, Catakism is a ‘humorous purr-spective on humanity’s obsession with cats.

Catakism is defined as a) the deep and reverent belief in Cat as master, guru, mentor, sage, and ridiculous ball of cuteness and b) the devotional beliefs and rituals practised by Catakists. This book is chock-full of adorable cat pics and cheeky humour.

Catakism is divided into 9 chapters:

  1. Book of Whiskers- ‘As whiskers are a cat’s guide in life, the Book of Whiskers is the guide to the belief system known as Catakism.’  Amusing ‘Signs that you might be a Catakist’ section. At the end is the Catma: the ninefold path of Catakism.
  2. Book of Knead- ‘Cats knead us. We need cats.’ All about the false beliefs Catakists hold about what cats need from humans. (Answer? Absolutely nothing!)
  3. Book of Surrender- discusses the moment of ‘Cat-a-littic Conversion, when we the human convert to Catakism.
  4. Book of Catitude- covers the attributes of catitude, and special cat skills such as the ability to teleport.
  5. Book of Cat Posts- looks at the wide variety of kitty care, and kitty-themed, purr-aphenalia.
  6. Book of Purrs- all about cat language, and how people talk to, for, and about cats.
  7. Book of Hairballs- a humorous section on cat rituals, such as the harming up of the hairball, and cat-oriented rituals done by humans, like the futile calling of the cat’s name.
  8. Book of the Mouse- looks at cats and computers, from the great internet cat park, to internet kitty stars, to apps for cats. Includes ways cat’s ’help’ humans working on computers.
  9. Book of Litter- discusses litter boxes and ‘boxes of litters’, or two definitions linked by cats.

I love the ‘crazy cat people’ prayer at the beginning! There is much truth hidden in this humorous look at man’s relationship with Cat. A perfect coffetable read, or gift for the Catakists in your life.

***Many thanks to Netgalley and Skyhorse Publishing for providing an egalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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