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Book Review: Camouflage: List and Found by Mariyam Hasnain

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review


*Warning- novella has some explicit/graphic sexual scenes bordering into erotica. The book’s description did not prepare me for that.


Camouflage: Lost and Found, by Mariyam Hasnain, is a quick little psychological thriller filled with romance and deception. Mark Statler is a crime novelist living in Bangkok. He generally keeps to himself, interacting mostly with his neighbour, Sheina. After six months, Mark has finally worked up the courage to let her know he is interested in her as more than a friend. Just as their relationship is starting to heat up, Mark begins experiencing a string of bizarre incidents, from phone calls with a person addressing him by another name, to different accounts being hacked, and so much more besides. What’s true, and what’s merely deception?


This is an imaginative story, and would be great fleshed out into a full-length novel. Another proofing would not be amiss. There were several spelling/grammar errors, and many times, the writing came across as somewhat stilted or clunky, especially with the dialogue. That did, often, break me out of my reader zone, though it was not hard to get back in.

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