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Book Review: Breaking Cat News by Georgia Dunn


This book was reviewed for Netgalley


‘They’re battery operated and remote controlled by Satan.’ ~Elvis, on June bugs


Humour books are not usually my forte. I prefer fantasy, hist-fic, and archaeology for the most part. Every once in a while a book of humour will snag my attention, though, and this was one of those books whose humour I could appreciate.


In Breaking Cat News, Dunn gives us a glimpse inside the minds of her three furry companions- Lupin, Elvis, and Puck. She does an excellent job of portraying each kitty’s unique personality, especially Elvis, the Siamese! Lupin looks to be a fluffy white Persian, and Puck a black shorthair.


This lovable, high-energy trio gets into everything! Cats can be so curious, and so full of energy. And always on the wrong side of the door! I loved the segment where the Woman is in a room with the door closed. First Puck is there, being generally nosy, and batting under the door. In the next frame, all three are there. Ohh, I’ve so had that happen. My goofy goober cat follows me everywhere.


The segment where the woman is trying to make the bed is hysterical. Sephie loves being a lump under our covers like that. We have to be extra careful not to sit on her. * snerk * Elvis looks like a lion when he puffs up, and he puffs up at a lot!


Anyone who is kept by cats will appreciate this little gem of cat-centric humour. Breaking Cat News by Georgia Dunn is a must have for cat-lovers everywhere.

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