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Book Review: Are We Happy Yet? by Lisa Cypers Kamen


This egalley was reviewed for Dragon Gypsy Publishing via Netgalley


Happiness is an elusive beastie, that responds better to gentleness than brute force. In Are We Happy Yet?, Kamen will teach you how to tame that shy, skittish creature we call happiness, and aid you in cultivating a permanent relationship with it. Kamen lists eight keys to cultivating an enduring bond with our inner bliss and serenity.. Each key is expanded upon, and there are checklists and quizzes to help you learn your happiness level, and narrow down other factors in your life that may be affecting that happiness.


Personal stories (from Kamen’s life, and from lives of people she has worked with), like glittering golden thread, are woven throughout, with beautiful quotes studded, gem-bright, amongst it all, inviting the reader to pause a moment in contemplation. I often found unexpected insights during these moments. I love that Kamen makes mention of Don Miguel Ruiz and his Toltec wisdom books, which are among my favourite for facilitating change and fostering growth. Reading g through this book prompted me back into my gratitude rituals, which I had sadly let slip, and got me to thinking about volunteer work I could do that fits my health level, and passions. I am going to see if there are nearby places, hospitals preferably, who need volunteers to read to patients.
???? Recommended. If you are ready to let go of unhappiness and change your paradigm, Kamen’s Are We Happy Yet? is a great place to start.

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