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Book Review: America,’s Most Haunted Hotels by Jaime Davis Whitmer


This book was reviewed via Netgalley

Whitmer’s America’s Most Haunted Hotels takes a look at ten of the country’s many haunted hotels. From the Copper Queen to Farnsworth House to Myrtles Plantation, White visits each hotel in turn, taking offered ghost tours as well as doing some of her own investigating. Each chapter focuses solely on one of the hotels. Whitmer begins by telling about the history of each hotel. She covers some of the legends associated with the building, and goes on to cover any prior experience she may have had at the place, and any experiences of her current stay. Whitmer’s husband, Bob, a self-proclaimed sceptic, accompanied her on each of these visits. He tells of his own experiences and impressions as well.

I enjoyed the recap of legends and stories associated with each location. Some were stories I was familiar with to some degree, but others were new to me. While I was expecting some personal investigative work, I expected more history and legends and I wasn’t at all disappointed, though I did enjoy Whitmer’s own experiences. What I most especially liked was Whitmer’s professed love of old buildings, and the smell of history. As a baby archaeologist, I can so appreciate this. I had the pleasure of visiting Heritage Village in California. The old train station inspired a poem from me. Just walking in, you could smell the weight of ages past, and if you closed your eyes, you may just hear the faint sounds of a train, or the soft, indistinct murmur of people just out of sight. I’d love to soak up those vibes at some of the places mentioned in the book.

The end of each chapter gives you all the information you could hope for related to booking a stay at said hotel. The address and contact info is given, along with average rate to rent, the types of tours given, tips for your trip, any nearby attractions, and the closest airport. Just be careful! The room may already be occupied!

🎻🎻🎻🎻 Recommended if you enjoy history, haunted places, and traveling.

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