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Book Review: Age of Myths and Legends: Monsters by Terrell Hill

I received a copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review


Hill’s The Age of Myths and Legends: Monsters is first in a series that looks at the myths of the First Americans. Myths are categorised into different types, such as those dealing with forest or water dwellers, night hunters, and earth spirits. There are tales of culture heroes, such as Ocasta, who brought knowledge to mankind (before becoming disillusioned with us). There are stories of giants, primal beings of earth’s awesome power like the Titans of Greco-Roman myth or the Jotun of Norse myth.


There were so many new myths and legends to me in this book. There is a ‘just-so’ story that tells if how mosquitoes came to be, tales of were-snowleopard (!), legends of dragons, and so much more. I love reading new myths, especially of cultures oft neglected in schools. There were also new myths relating known beasties, such as the uktena. Other tales I’ve read name them as benevolent or indifferent rather than malevolent. There were even stories that explained a Grimm wesen- the mishepishu! That was very exciting to me, as I adore that show, and know that most wesen are drawn from myths and legends of the world. Scattered throughout the book are beautiful pencil sketches of beasties or scenes from the myths. I’m definitely looking forward to the next in the series.


???? Perfect for those who love mythology, and especially mythology of the First Americans.

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