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Book Review: Savage by Nicole Conway

***This book was reviewed via Chapter by Chapter Book Tours

Savage, by Nicole Conway, is the first in a follow-up series to her awesome Dragonrider Chronicles. Reigh lives in two worlds, feeling out of place in both. He’s a human adopted by grey elves. As such, he ages different, and to make matters worse he is host to an enigmatic spirit called Noh. When he runs away, hoping to protect others from Noh, he stumbles across a group of humans lost in the dangerous forest Reigh and his adopted kin call home. Aubren has come to the grey elf Queen for aid in a war against his home of Maldobar. Reigh decides to go with Aubren, hoping to put his dark spirit to a noble use. Noh may just be the biggest asset in the fight to come.

I have the Dragonrider Chronicles and was excited to start this series. Overall, I enjoyed this story. This is a YA read, and is full of the standard fantasy tropes. Nevertheless, it holds its own as unique. These elves are not the typical elves you find in fantasy, where they often come across as haughty and better than humans. These grey elves are a different species, with unique culture, and vibrant presence, seeming far more real.

Reigh is young, a tempestuous teenager. Events beyond his control force him to grow up quick, and he displays increasingly more maturity as he goes along. Noh is fascinating as well. Why does Reigh have this amoral companion. And why is Noh becoming visible to people other than Reigh?

My favourite characters were Kiran, the grey elf who adopted Reigh, and Aubren, who turns out to be a Prince of Maldobar. Kiran is a healer, and a great one despite his gruffness. Aubren was likeable from get-go. He’s loyal to his people, willing to do whatever it takes to protect them.

The world Conway paints is rich and vivid. It was a pleasure to visit. The grey elves and their forest home are beautiful, if deadly, and Maldobar with its dragons is exciting. I would have liked to see more of the dagons. Haha, I’m a sucker for them. I’m sure I’ll get my fill as the story progress. I can’t wait to read the next in the series!


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