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10 Things About Me

Greetings!  My name is Aislynn d’Merricksson. You can read a bit about me in the ‘About’ section. Obviously. However, here I’m going to share ten things about me that are unusual or that most people do not know.


*I have a prosthetic eye.

I lost my right eye at age 21, thanks to numerous retinal detachments. I no longer drive thanks to eye issues.

‘I think I have something in my eye.’


*My favourite writing music is instrumental movie scores.

Some of my favourites are Jablonsky’s Transformers soundtracks, The 13th Warrior, and the music of Elder Scrolls, from Morrowwind to Skyrim.


*I am an extreme introvert and do not like change.


*I used to keep scorpions.

Black emperors, like the one below, are actually quite docile. Great for beginning scorpion keepers.


*I once worked with big cat cubs.


*I find MRIs soothing.

Seriously, I can sleep in them.


*I am demophobic.

I panic in crowds or crowded areas I feel I cannot escape. I am not claustrophobic. I can handle, well, MRIs for one, and elevators, with ease. I like hiding in places, and have an enclosed reading nook on the patio.


*My favourite movies are Ghostbusters and Jurassic Park.


*I’m learning to play the violin.


*I’ve met both Lucifer and the current King of Hell (Supernatural).

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    1. Right now, anything by Sub Pub, or Audio machine, and the K-Pax and Transformers orchestral scores. Well,pretty much anything by Jablonsky.

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